Warlock of the Magus World



Numerous powerful conscients gathered within a secret space, their powerful auras forming huge black silhouettes. There were a few new figures amongst them, containing unfathomable power.

*Rumble!* Space split apart at that moment, and the powers of the world and original sin entered the space.

“Everyone!” Leylin fashioned a form out of original sin, looking at the silhouettes around him. Every person here was a peak rank 8 existence!

“The gods have stabilised their divine kingdoms, interfering with our actions in the prime material plane. Even as the world combination project was underway, someone divulged our current situation.”

“Keke.. So you’re saying there’s a traitor amongst us?” Another voice Leylin was familiar with sounded, carrying obvious hostility.

“Of course, Distorted Shadow. Furthermore, it could even be you!” Leylin stared fearlessly at the peak rank 8 Magus, exchanging thoughts rapidly.

“I can swear upon my truesoul that I never revealed any information about the plan…” Distorted Shadow looked coldly at Leylin. “Instead, Lord of Original Sin, why did you not devour the entire prime material plane and destroy the gods in one fell swoop? You seem quite suspicious!”

“The sun is one thing, but the prime material plane is a whole other matter. It’s the foundation of the World of Gods, the base of all existence. Destroying it would be like destroying the World of Gods itself, not something a peak rank 8 can do.” Mother Core stood up for her ally.

“I feel like the gods have begun their counterattack, and they definitely won’t miss the opportunity. Please wait and see, everyone!” Leylin glared coldly at Distorted Shadow, his indifference causing the other party to feel apprehensive.

“All we can do right now is to speed up the two-world plan…” an existence surrounded by darkness spoke up, every word seemingly coming from a deep abyss. This was the Darkness Lord, a peak rank 8 existence from the Dark World.

“Our true bodies are currently outside the crystal sphere, and we can’t easily dispatch them…” another figure spoke, radiating the green light of life. This was the ancient Tree of Life, a huge tree from the Life World that had harnessed the power of magic.

However, even as the numerous peak rank 8s were discussing the issue, a rumble sounded from the depths of the Abyss, as if to verify Leylin’s words. A sort of sacred natural radiance sealed off the entire Abyss, numerous golden silhouettes walking out to the hymns of their followers.

“The gods! They’re taking action with their true bodies!” Mother Core waved her hands, displaying a huge image that allowed those present to see the gods’ lineup.

“Tyr, Tempus, Talos, Oghma, and Gruumsh… All of them are powerful gods, the Chaos Lord and Evil Filthy Eye are in danger!”

Leylin looked around his surroundings, unable to find the conscients of those two existences. As chaotic existences themselves, they grew intoxicated with the pleasure of plundering the Abyss and lost all interest in the outside world. They didn’t realise the crisis they were in.

“Keke… It’s rare for such strong existences to be willing to step out of their divine kingdoms…” The Darkness Lord sneered. “If we push the two-world plan back and move out together, at least half of them will fall.”

Peak rank 8 Magi were equivalent to greater gods within the World of Gods. The difference was that their powers belonged to them alone, so in a fight outside of the divine kingdoms the Magi would definitely win. One had to agree that Darkness Lord’s suggestion was enticing, causing a few Magi to stir.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you…” Leylin stood out at that moment, speaking coldly.

“Substantiate. Why? It’s not easy to find a chance to eliminate so many powerful gods in one fell swoop…” As expected, Distorted Shadow jumped out immediately, speaking with ulterior motives.

“Haven’t you all realized that the most powerful existences within God’s World have yet to appear?” Leylin glanced at Distorted Shadow, his voice was full of disdain.

There were differences even amongst powerful gods. Oghma, for example, couldn’t match Tempus the God of Fighting in combat.

Past rank 18, there were a few gods who were known for their combat. The four elemental gods were an example. Akadi, Grumbar, Istishia and Kossuth were all ancient gods, staying within their elemental planes of wind, earth, water, and fire respectively. They stood aloof from worldly affairs, holding secrets even most gods didn’t know in their arsenal.

There were also gods like Ubtao, Silvanus, Jergal, and Chauntea. They were formidable beings, powerful enough to be the monarchs of their own worlds, second only to the Overgod himself. That these powerful gods had yet to appear in the Abyss caused Leylin to grow vigilant.


“Oh? You’re here in your true bodies? Were you ordered to abandon your mouse holes and come to the Abyss?” Azure power had converged above what was once the Argent Palace in Azzagrat, forming a many-eyed giant with a blurred face. “Since you’re here anyway, you shall become the foundation of my abyssal power…”

The Chaos Lord didn’t seemed to be worried at all when facing numerous existences of the same rank. A majority of the eyes seemed to be filled with reckless insanity. The Chaos Lord didn’t seem to even care as chaotic origin force sprag forth from the depths of the Abyss, mixing with dark energy as it spread around its giant leg.

“I’ve restricted its actions. I’ll leave the rest to you…” A golden radiance was spreading from Oghma’s body, shrouding the entirety of Azzagrat. Tyr and Tempus brought out their favourite divine weapons, rushing forth towards the Chaos Lord…


A terrifying storm swept through the Endless Maze, the constant rain forming a huge turbulent sea.

“Tsk… Why do I have to be paired with you?” The powerful God of Storms looked at the golden orc standing beside him, his face full of disdain.

“I should be the one saying that.” Gruumsh gave Talos a look.

A palace suddenly surfaced within the maze, endless power forming a gigantic evil eye that released a skin-crawling roar: “ZzzzGrrgrgrrr!”

“The ancient Evil Filthy Eye, a Magus who once killed a greater god…” Gruumsh’s eyes lit up as a bright red flag was drawn from his back.

“Only the orcs are the strongest fighters!” he roared, his body expanding in a moment as it clashed with the solid yellow eye.

The aftershocks of the battle caused the entire Abyss to tremble. The demons were intimidated by the formidable power, running about aimlessly as numerous archfiends ruthlessly cursed the gods. They hid within their castles, not daring to come out.

The silhouettes of two powerful archfiends emerged at the edge of the Abyss, one of them the two-brained Demogorgon and the other the King of the Undead, Orcus. Alongside Graz’zt, these were the three Abyssal Lords, the strongest of demons.

“The gods took action according to plan, but it doesn’t seem to be attracting the other Magi…” Orcus frowned. If not for them meddling with the origin force of the Abyss and helping the gods, they wouldn’t at all have been able to infiltrate into the Abyss so quickly, sealing the Chaos Lord and the Evil Filthy Eye where they were.

“…” The Demogorgon’s two heads glanced at each other, surprisingly not arguing. “That’s fine as well. The gods want to use the Abyss as the main battlefield, but the Magi weren’t baited…”

“After the chaos is settled, the Abyss will still be ours…”

“It’s rare for both your heads to reach an agreement. What else should I say?” Orcus’ undead body laughed, the power of death mixing with an aura of chaos to fragment the surrounding space.

“Haha… That’s right, the Abyss shall belong to us demons… Only we can stay here. No one can take it away, not Magi and not gods!” The Demogorgon parroted.

“Let’s kill those gods afterwards!” one of the heads said suddenly.

“No! We shall dominate the Abyss first…” the other retorted, causing Orcus to suddenly shake his head. The unity of these heads seemed to be temporary. The chaos of the Demogorgon would be revealed once more as the threat passed.

‘However, this is indeed a good opportunity…’ A strange light flashed past Orcus’ eyes.

The demons had always coveted the prime material plane and the gods. The Second Dusk would prove to be a great opportunity to attack.

As for their contract with the gods? Since when did chaotic evil have the concept of contracts? With their demonic natures, even the Styx could not hold them to their vows and stop the deaths of their enemies!

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